Tregaron's Daughter

Tregaron's Daughter

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Excitement, drama and suspense were only part of Cadi Tregaron's new life. It had been a sunny afternoon when she glanced from the cliff where she sat reading and saw below her in the sea a sight that would change her life.

Set in England and Italy in 1910, this is the story of a young English girl who by accident starts to unravel the unknown elements of her grandmother's past and is brought by the mystery to the faraway city of Venice. There among the gondolas and canals, she slowly comes to comprehend the meaning of two strange and puzzling dreams--dreams that seem to hold an eerie and menancing prophecy of the future.

Here is all the grandeur and excitement of the ageless glory of Venice and the handsome beauty of the English countryside combined in the romantic and suspenseful story of a young girl's confrontation with the past.

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Publisher: Doubleday

Pages: 251

ISBN: 0385003234

ISBN 13: 9780385003230

Publication Date: 1971

Format: PDF, Audiobook, Epub, Kindle, Docx, Hardcover

4.13 of 1,581

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